Lateral Tension

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The Lateral Tension Course is designed to help technicians take a deeper dive into the process and theory behind lateral tension pulling.  Lateral tension has made its way back to mainstream repairs but this is actually “old school” metal theory. We have a book showing lateral tension from 1931. Instead of the WOW factor that you see in viral online videos with damage “popping out” with magical lateral tension we dive into the reasons that it works, how it moves, and how metal moves in relation to it.

What you’ll learn in this class

  • proper application of tension pulls
  • Combining lateral moves with outward pulls
  • Pushing metal while utilizing lateral tension 
  • When and why to use tension tools
  • An overview of whats available in tension pulling, when and where to use each
  • Live repairs utilizing tension to take a panel from definite replacement to a possible repair in real time (less than 30 minutes)
  • How to use tension combined with pdr tools to help save stretched dents
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Course Content

Lateral Tension

  • Introduction
  • Tools
  • Damage
  • Setup
  • Repair – Part 1
  • Repair – Part 2

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