Cold Glue

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The Cold Glue Course was created to show exactly how to get the best results with cold glue, when and why to use it, and when and why not to use it. Born out of a frustration of seeing technicians cause themselves more work by not using cold glue properly, and seeing them wast time using hot glue techniques when they could work faster and more efficiently with cold glue. 

What you’ll learn in this class

  • An overview of several types and brands of cold glue and what the differences between them are. 
  • What types of tabs to use, the differences and benefits of each type
  • Slide hammer options for cold glue repair
  • Live repairs on large damage, including an assessment of why cold glue was the right repair choice, and how to decide when not to use it.
  • Small shallow damage and incredibly fast repair techniques
  • Finishing large rail damage (hail style) with cold glue
  • Hail damage repair with cold glue, how to identify what types of hail damage you can quickly repair using cold glue and what types of hail damage to avoid with cold glue so you don’t cause yourself more work. 
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Course Content

Cold Glue

  • Introduction
  • Tools, Tabs, etc.
  • Rules of Cold Glue
  • Large and Small Soft Damage
  • Rail Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Outro

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